Nimbuzz Bot 1.0.0 By Wa7

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Nimbuzz Bot 1.0.0 By Wa7

Post by ii-_-ii on Fri Feb 01, 2013 10:41 am

NimBuzz Bot 1.0.0

Hey all,

This Tool has All kind of bots

Member bot
bad words banner
Auto Answer Bot
Greeting Users Bot
Question Bot, wich your bot ask and the users answer

in Bot question : x

You Can Edit The messag which sended in room
if the answer is true from any x user


you can edit the message which sended in room
if the x user is won!!!

and give him an gift for the winner member + admin

Can make The last point for the winner
change question for x second
repeat the answer if there is no answer

And alot of feature . cant explain ---

can search room


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