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full bot goooooooood

Post by iman0311 on Sun Feb 03, 2013 10:08 am

full bote gooood Razz
k#id for kick

pmi#pm for teste pm

b#id for ban

v2#pm user pm visitor

v#id for visitor

ba#pm user pm ban

m#id for member

k1#pm user pm kick

mo#id for moderator

^^^#id for remoter

s#pm for subject

dc#id@nimbuzz.com/rec for dc

n#id for none

jok for jok

p#id for participant

rest#id for one remoter

o#ba auto ban

pich#id for avatar gaber link

of#ba off ban

love bot :love#target1@target2

o#me auto member

matn%pm for sms

of#me off member

sms%id send sms

wlc#pm for wb

help for help

w#t wlc on

pro%id for profile

w#f wlc off

google%pm for seach google

rom%name room for search room

show%number for get user

next%room for next

prev%room for prev

id%name id for search id

next%id for next

prev%id for prev

pro%id for profile

rec%rec for rec ban

n!#number for number ban

join%number for open room

ce%id for crate id

pa3%pm for pasword chang master

hava%ahwaz vaziyate abo hava

youtube%pm for seach

doble%pm for tarjome englishi be irani

arabi%pm for tarjome englishi be arabi

link scan:
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link dl:
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