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MDK: Anthology | 1997-2011 | MULTi6 | PC | 953 MB | [Rapidgator]

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1997 | MDK
? Genre: Action (Shooter) / 3D / 3rd Person
? Developer: Shiny Entertainment
? Publisher: Interplay Productions
? Game Version: 1.0
? Language: English / Russian
? Language voice: English

Dr. Hawkins makes some strange discovery, which he calls Flange Orbits. After he presents his discovery the scientific community, it is questioned, and ridiculed.

To prove the existence of the Flange Orbits Dr. Hawkins to go into space. For this, he builds a spaceship called "Jim Dandy," and as an assistant to take with him his janitor Kurt Hektika. After the release of outer space, the doctor realizes that Flange Orbits, which he "discovered" in fact do not exist. Instead of being ridiculed back to Earth, he went into voluntary exile, vowing never to return, as long as he did not really invent something useful. He plunges into work on a Sixpawed robot dog, which gives the nickname Max.

gameplay is very similar to the usual third-person shooter. The player has a large arsenal, the effect of which is different in the mode of the machine gun and sniper mode. In addition to the normal running and shooting, in the game there are various mini-games, quests and small at the beginning and end of the level. For example, Kurt will grab bomber ride a snowboard, and sentry robot disguise to fool the guards. Each level is divided into special areas, called Arena. Each arena can have its structure, size and methods of passing. Some arenas are large fields with generators infantrymen, some require proficiency parachute and jump on the platforms, some arenas require solving puzzles. Despite the fact that the MDK only six levels, and each level is huge and consists of many arenas connected by linear. Since the game was originally developed for the console PlayStation, the original version of the game you can only save the game between levels, and if the player dies, he begins to level first. It was later released a patch that added the ability to save anywhere level.


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