Control room from outside crcked done

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Control room from outside crcked done

Post by wafa.07 on Sun Apr 07, 2013 9:11 am

id loger cntrol-rooo-me5arg-+96
pw cntrol-rooo-me5arg-+96
1-تحكم في الروم من خارجها بقوة ولن احد يعرف انك داخل الغرفة
3-ممكن تطرد جميع الناس الي داخل الغرفة او تبندهم مرة واحدة
4-قفل الروم وفتحة
5-خاصيه منع ايبي الفلود
1 - Roman control of outside force will never know you are inside the room
2-kick or Band what extent in the room from the outside
3 - all users can be expelled into the room or band once
4 - closing the room and open it
5- Stop Flooding ip Block
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