Bluetooth h*a*c*k*e*r

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Bluetooth h*a*c*k*e*r

Post by bache-poldar-original on Mon Oct 10, 2011 2:38 pm

BT file manager software program to transfer files from the file manager by pairing the device by the Bluetooth functions of the program to transfer files to your computer without the knowledge of the device to delete the files update All or delete a single file or move it to a folder to send files from your computer to it and save them without approval or knowledge
__________________________ .
bluetooth super hack the program to control any device via Bluetooth functions by pairing this program CONTACT from the device and send messages View names phone and the messages change things from year to year silent restore factory settings locks the device to download the software versions the following::::::;;;;Superbluetoothh*a*c*k V1.6.jar
Superbluetoothh*a*c*k V1.7.jar

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