Simplification wordlist

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Simplification wordlist

Post by bache-poldar-original on Tue Oct 25, 2011 8:59 am

This wordlist is the simplification program. Finds Repeatings of the text and removes from the list. In addition, filtering out a certain number of characters up and down, remove the words from the list.
Wordlist Yükle : Load Wordlist
Filtrele : filters
Wordlist Sadeleştir : Start Process

Bilgi Menüsü : information Menu
Liste 1 Toplam : List 1 Total
Liste 2 Toplam : List 2 Total
Liste 2 Seçili : List 2 Selected
Metin Tekrarı : Repeating Text

Metin Kontrol Bilgisi : Text Control Info

Bu Sayıdan Fazlasını Filtrele : Filter this number more than

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